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A Hedgehog Lantian Jade

A Hedgehog Lantian Jade

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Delight in Earthly Charms with our Hedgehog Lantian Jade! ♥️ Attuning to the Heart Chakra, this endearing hedgehog resonates with jade's energy of harmony and friendship. Admire its soothing green glow and whimsical curled shape. Our Hedgehog comes in one sweet size:

Standard: This charming hedgehog stands 5.5cm tall, a heartwarming figure radiating nurturing vibes and community.

Spread joy and connectedness with our distinct Hedgehog Lantian Jade! Please note, while our image conveys its tenderness, each hedgehog is a unique hand-sculpted treasure. We thoughtfully select each one, promising a genuinely personal crystal buddy glowing with loving energy.

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