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Amethyst Cluster Collection

Amethyst Cluster Collection

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Experience the allure of nature's royal hue with our Majestic Amethyst Cluster Collection. This breathtaking selection provides not only a diversity in sizes but also includes our uniquely gorgeous specimens featuring captivating druzy formations.

From pocket-sized to statement pieces, our collection offers:
Small: Petite yet power-packed clusters weighing between 0.05kg to 0.15kg.
Medium: Mid-sized marvels with weights ranging from 0.15kg to 0.20kg.
Large: Substantial statement pieces, offering a splendid display of Amethyst's beauty, weighing between 0.20kg to 0.28kg.

Big Specimen with Druzy: These stand-out clusters feature an array of Amethyst points emerging from a bed of glittering druzy, an unmissable addition to any collection.
Remember, photos are for reference only. Each Amethyst cluster is a unique product of nature, and we will hand-pick a one-of-a-kind specimen just for you. Let this royal crystal enhance your space with its serene and powerful energy.

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