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Blue fluorite

Blue fluorite

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Invite Focused Serenity with our Blue Fluorite. 💎 Attuning to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, these elegant stones resonate with fluorite's energy of calm concentration. Admire their striking blue hues. Our fluorite comes in three sizes, each promoting clarity:

Small: Mystical chips, weighing 0.01kg to 0.03kg, providing a concentrated dose of order, organization and laser focus.

Medium: Cubic clusters, from 0.03kg to 0.05kg, emanating waves of lucid thinking, improved communication and mental cohesion.

Large: Tranquil formations, from 0.05kg to 0.1kg, infusing spaces with orderly vibes to amplify concentration and insight.

Gain perspective and enhance cognition with the clarifying energy of our Blue Fluorite. Please note, no two pieces are exactly alike. We hand-select each one to ensure genuinely focusing, meaningful energy.

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