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Bumblebee Spheres

Bumblebee Spheres

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Revel in Radiant Flight with our Bumblebee Spheres! 🐝 Attuning to the Solar Plexus Chakra, these vibrant spheres resonate with the uplifting energy of the bee. Ponder their sunlit yellows and bold black circular patterns. Our spheres come in two sizes, each eliciting inner joy:

Small: Cheerful orbs, weighing 0.5kg to 0.6kg, concentrating motivation, confidence and creativity.

Standard: Empowering globes, from 0.6kg to 0.7kg, amplifying self-expression, radiance and inner power.

Take off with the positive energy of our distinct Bumblebee Spheres! Please note, while our images showcase their brightness, each sphere is a unique handcrafted piece. No two are alike in pattern or weight. We hand-select each one, promising a genuinely inspiring crystal to spark self-assurance.

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