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Crystals Rock

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

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Step into the world of the extraordinary with our Luminary Quartz Specimens. Each piece is a crystal-clear narrative of Earth's silent whispers, embodying pure, primal energy that will transform your space and your spirit.

The Luminary Quartz Specimens come in a spectrum of sizes to harmonize with your unique journey:

Small: Delicate yet powerful, weighing approximately between 0.01kg to 0.15kg.
Medium: Balancing weight and radiance, ranging from around 0.15kg to 0.45kg.
Large: Commanding presence and energy, varying between roughly 0.45kg to 0.7kg.

But remember, nature adores diversity - each specimen has a unique weight, shape, and story. Whether you seek a partner for meditation, a radiant addition to your collection, or an inspiring touch to your decor, our Luminary Quartz Specimens promise a beautiful journey into the heart of the Earth's brilliance

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