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Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

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Dive into the dazzling purity of our Luminous Harmony Clear Quartz Spheres! Channeling the Crown Chakra, these spheres are a symbol of clarity, purity, and balance inherent in Clear Quartz.

Marvel at their transparent brilliance, reflecting and refracting light into a myriad of mesmerizing spectrums. Available in three sizes, each sphere carries its own luminous tale:

Small: Petite gems, weighing 0.05kg to 0.15kg, encapsulating a world of light and energy.
Medium: Harmonious synthesis of size and energetic resonance, with weights of 0.35kg to 0.45kg, shining with clarity and peace.
Large: Grand luminaries of life energy, from 0.5kg to 0.8kg, radiating with amplified healing and positivity.

Awaken your inner clarity and immerse in the harmonizing essence of our distinct Luminous Harmony Clear Quartz Spheres! Please remember, while our pictures aim to capture their pristine beauty, each Clear Quartz Sphere is a unique manifestation of nature. No two are the same in appearance or weight. We carefully select each sphere, ensuring you receive a truly individual crystal that is aligned with your energy!
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