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Crystals Rock

Fire Quartz

Fire Quartz

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Unleash the fiery cosmos within our Solar Flare Fire Quartz Spheres! 🌞 Pulsating with the power of Fire Quartz, each sphere is a vortex of warmth, strength, and vivacity.

Immerse yourself in the fiery dance of radiant reds, captivating oranges, and sizzling yellows, each contributing to a perpetual sunset inside every sphere. These spheres are your guiding light towards grounding, amplifying creativity, and bolstering motivation, resonating with the Root and Sacral Chakras.

Explore the spectrum of our Fire Quartz Spheres:

Small: Compact dynamos, each weighing approximately 0.15kg to 0.25kg.
Medium: Balanced powerhouses, weighing around 0.25kg to 0.35kg.
Large: Majestic beacons of energy, each varying between roughly 0.35kg to 0.5kg.

Just like a sunset's unique blaze, our Fire Quartz Spheres are each one of a kind in weight, size, and color patterns. Your collection deserves the uniqueness and energy-infused wonder of our spheres. Ignite your journey with our Solar Flare Fire Quartz Spheres today!

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