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Crystals Rock

Garden Quartz

Garden Quartz

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Embrace the enchanting vibrancy of our Eden Echoes Garden Quartz Spheres! 🌿 Channeling the Earth and Heart Chakras, these spheres carry the tranquil spirit of Garden Quartz.

Admire their unique landscapes of greens, browns, and whites, reminiscent of a lush, secret garden. Available in three sizes, each sphere showcases its own Earthly tale:

Small: Petite wonders, weighing 0.08kg to 0.25kg, hosting intricate, verdant microcosms.
Medium: Balanced harmony of earthy aesthetic and energy, with weights of 0.25kg to 0.35kg, reflecting the peacefulness of nature.
Large: Grand expressions of the Earth's vitality, from 0.35kg to 0.5kg, radiating with the enduring strength of the planet.

Awaken your grounding spirit and immerse in the harmonizing essence of our distinct Eden Echoes Garden Quartz Spheres! Please note, while the pictures are a good representation of our products, each Garden Quartz Sphere is a unique marvel of nature. No two are exactly alike in appearance or weight. We handpick each piece with love, promisi
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