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Indonesia Towers

Indonesia Towers

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Reach for the Stars with our Indonesia Towers! 🌟 Attuning to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, these celestial towers connect us to universal wisdom. Admire their earthy tones and ascending column forms. Our towers come in three sizes, each guiding inner sight:

Small: Mystic spires, weighing 0.04kg to 0.07kg, centering the mind and enhancing focus.

Medium: Visionary pillars, from 0.07kg to 0.12kg, revealing cosmic perspectives and clarity.

Large: Transcendent monoliths, from 0.12kg to 0.15kg, aligning one with higher realms of consciousness.

Expand your awareness with the ancient energy of our distinct Indonesia Towers! Please note, while our images try to convey their majesty, each tower is a unique earthen sculpture. No two are alike in shape or size. We hand-select each one, promising a genuinely centering crystal to elevate your meditation.

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