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Kunzite Towers

Kunzite Towers

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Immerse in the soothing aura of our Radiant Pillars Kunzite Towers! Embodying the Heart and Third Eye Chakras, these towers encapsulate Kunzite's gentle, loving energy.
Marvel at their soft pink hue, resembling the first blush of dawn. These towers come in three sizes, each radiating love and serenity:

Small: Delicate beacons, weighing 0.15kg to 0.3kg, offering intimate waves of compassion and tranquility.
Medium: Balanced towers of harmony, with weights from 0.3kg to 0.55kg, shining with love and inner peace.
Large: Majestic pillars of healing, from 0.55kg to 0.8kg, standing tall with emotional balance and spiritual insight.

Engage with the comforting energy of our distinct Radiant Pillars Kunzite Towers! Please bear in mind, while our pictures strive to showcase their soft beauty, each Kunzite Tower is a unique gem of nature. No two are alike in appearance or weight. We carefully select each tower, guaranteeing a truly individual crystal chosen with your energy in mind!

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