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Kyanite and Mica specimens

Kyanite and Mica specimens

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Journey Through Galactic Landscapes with our Kyanite and Mica Specimens! ✨ Attuning to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, these otherworldly specimens encourage spiritual connection. Admire their cosmic beauty, with kyanite's azure blades and mica's glittering flakes. Our specimens come in three sizes, each an interstellar treasure:

Small: Mystical shards, weighing 0.015kg to 0.04kg, offering concentrated waves of intuition and imagination.

Medium: Celestial clusters, from 0.04kg to 0.1kg, centering the mind with cosmic perspective.

Large: Majestic formations, from 0.1kg to 0.15kg, inviting spiritual expansion and universal wisdom.

Explore new dimensions with the mystic energy of our distinct Kyanite and Mica Specimens! Please note, while our images try to convey their wonder, each specimen is a unique galactic landscape. No two are alike in shape or size. We hand-select each one, promising a truly cosmic crystal to propel your meditation.

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