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Malachite Towers

Malachite Towers

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Welcome the profound power of our Verdant Monoliths Malachite Towers! 🌿 Harnessing the energies of the Heart and Throat Chakras, these towers encapsulate Malachite's transformative and intuitive essence.

Revel in their spiraling green patterns, resembling the rhythm of the Earth's heartbeat. Available in three sizes, each tower stands as a testament to the vibrant life force:

Small: Petite pillars, weighing 0.04kg to 0.08kg, offering focused waves of transformation and growth.
Medium: Balanced monuments of weight and vibrancy, with towers from 0.08kg to 0.12kg, radiating with the harmony of nature.
Large: Majestic monoliths of the Earth's wisdom, from 0.12kg to 0.16kg, standing with profound insight and protection.

Embrace transformation and interact with the verdant energy of our distinct Verdant Monoliths Malachite Towers! Keep in mind, while our photos aim to represent their beauty accurately, each Malachite Tower is a unique expression of nature. No two are identical in appearance or weight. We hand-select each tower, promising a truly personal crystal chosen with your energy in mind!

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