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Panda Calcite Specimens

Panda Calcite Specimens

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Unleash the enchanting allure of our Radiant Panda Calcite Specimens! 🐼 These specimens, colored with the stark black and white of panda calcite, resonate with the vibes of cleansing, amplification, and transformation.

Delight in their contrasting hues, reminiscent of a panda's unique markings. But their charm doesn't stop at their appearance! These specimens reveal their true magic under a UV lamp, producing a stunning color transformation that will captivate you. These specimens are available in three sizes:

Small: Vibrant fragments, weighing between 0.04kg and 0.1kg, serving as concentrated sources of cleansing and transformation.
Medium: Balanced chunks of amplification, with weights from 0.1kg to 0.2kg, glowing with change and growth.
Large: Majestic pieces of transformation, from 0.2kg to 0.3kg, standing tall as grand symbols of growth and clarity.

Step into the transformative charm of our distinct Radiant Panda Calcite Specimens! Please bear in mind, while our photos aim to capture their stark beauty accurately, each Panda Calcite Specimen is a unique piece of the earth's artistry. No two are identical in appearance or weight. We hand-select each specimen, promising a truly personal crystal chosen with your unique energy in mind!

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