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Crystals Rock

Picture Jasper Spheres Collection

Picture Jasper Spheres Collection

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Step into nature's personal art gallery with our Spectacular Picture Jasper Spheres Collection. 🌍 This exquisite range offers three beautifully crafted shapes - alluring spheres, intriguing cubes, and polished slabs, each a marvel of nature's artistry.
Each of our Picture Jasper forms has its unique charm:

Small: Miniature masterpieces in spherical form, weighing between 0.3kg to 0.4kg.
Medium: Balanced beauty in a sphere, with weights ranging from 0.4kg to 0.5kg.
Large: Majestic spheres, offering a larger canvas for nature's art, weighing between 0.5kg to 0.6kg.

No matter if you are drawn to the celestial sphere, the earthy cube, or the scenic slab, each Picture Jasper piece is a unique work of art, carrying the energy of the Earth. Please remember that pictures are for reference only. Your Picture Jasper piece will be specially chosen for you, a unique piece of Earth's art to call your own!

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