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Rhodonite Towers

Rhodonite Towers

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Reach New Emotional Heights with our Rhodonite Towers. ♥️ Attuning to the Heart Chakra, these graceful pillars resonate with rhodonite's energy of compassion and tenderness. Admire their striking pink patterns and crystal formations. Our towers come in two sizes:

Small: Delicate mini spires, 0.15kg to 0.2kg, radiating waves of sensitivity, forgiveness and emotional healing condensed into a mystical pillar.

Standard: Larger towers of love, 0.2kg to 0.3kg, amplifying feelings of affection, generosity and reconciliation in a grander column size.

Open your heart to give and receive love with the comforting energy of our Rhodonite Towers. Please note, each tower has its own unique shape and pink patterns. We hand-select every piece to find stones genuinely resonating with the Heart’s tenderness.

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