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Royal Elegance Holders

Royal Elegance Holders

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Showcase your beloved crystals with our Royal Elegance Crystal Sphere Holders! Crafted with exquisite design and detail, these holders will elevate your crystal display, resonating with vibes of opulence and prestige.

Immerse yourself in the luxurious charm of these holders, available in a choice of two elegant designs - the regal Crown and the blooming Petal, each in rose gold or golden finish:

Rose Gold Crown: With a height of 1.35cm, this holder stands as a royal throne for your cherished spheres.
Golden Crown: Compact yet royal, standing at 0.35cm, this holder provides a golden pedestal to your crystals.
Golden Petal: Standing at a comfortable height of 0.5cm, this holder adds a golden bloom to your crystal display.
Rose Gold Petal: At 0.5cm tall, this holder brings a rosy bloom to your sphere showcase.

Step into the opulence of our Royal Elegance Crystal Sphere Holders! Please note, while our photos aim to capture their regal beauty accurately, each holder's hue and finish may slightly differ. We assure a hand-selected holder, promising a truly personal accessory chosen with your unique aesthetic in mind!

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