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Ruby Spheres

Ruby Spheres

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Energize your surroundings with our Lustrous Dawn Ruby Spheres! 🔮 These spheres encapsulate the vivacious spirit of ruby, enhancing passion and courage, aligning seamlessly with the Heart Chakra.

Admire their radiant splendor, offered in two unique sizes, each mirroring the fiery glow of dawn:

Small Size: Vibrant power encapsulated, with weights varying between 0.26kg and 0.36kg.
Standard Size: The perfect balance of brilliance and energy, weighing between 0.36kg and 0.46kg.

But wait, there's more! Under UV light, these spheres undergo a stunning transformation, revealing a change in color reminiscent of a new dawn breaking.

Infuse your space with the passionate aura of our Lustrous Dawn Ruby Spheres! Please note: The images provided are for reference. Each sphere is unique, and we'll carefully select a distinctive piece for you, reflecting your unique energy and aesthetic!

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