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Crystals Rock

Specimen Display Box

Specimen Display Box

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Offer your petite gems a grand display with our Gemstone Retreat Specimen Display Box! This showcase box, with its transparent design and compact form, provides a cozy haven for your crystal gravel and small specimens, resonating with vibes of protection and admiration.

The box, with its height of 3.15cm and side length of 2.95cm, is expertly crafted to hold a range of crystal sizes. It serves as a protective enclosure that allows the radiant beauty of each gem to sparkle through. Whether it's vibrant crystal gravel or delicate small specimens, each item finds its special place in our display box.

Dive into the charm of our Gemstone Retreat Specimen Display Box! Please remember, while our photos strive to capture its clear beauty accurately, each display box's transparency is unique. We ensure a hand-selected box, promising a truly personal accessory chosen with your unique aesthetic in mind!

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