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Crystals Rock

The carving druzy agate

The carving druzy agate

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Unearth Natural Marvels with our Druzy Agate Carvings. ✨ Attuning to the Third Eye Chakra, these stunning carvings resonate with druzy agate's energy of creativity and insight. Admire their cosmic sparkle. Our carvings come in three sizes:

Small: Intricate mini works, 0.03kg to 0.05kg, radiating concentrated waves of imagination, innovative thinking and intuition.

Standard: Beautiful hand-crafted pieces, 0.05kg to 0.06kg, emanating an aura of inventiveness, self-expression and mystical perspective.

Big: Spellbinding sculpted formations, 0.06kg to 0.1kg, infusing spaces with artistic vibes to unlock inner visions and lucid inspiration.

Awaken your originality with the creative energy of our Druzy Agate Carvings. Please note, no two pieces are exactly alike. We hand-select each unique carving to ensure genuinely insightful vibes.

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