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The labradorite

The labradorite

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Unleash Your Magical Potential with our Labradorite. 🔮 Attuning to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, these mystical stones resonate with labradorite’s energy of illusion and intuition. Admire their luminous blue and gold flecks shimmering like Northern Lights. Our labradorite comes in one enchanting size:

Standard: These mesmerizing formations contain the essence of psychic abilities and awakened imagination, revealing hidden talents and mystical perspective through the surreal brilliance of labradorite.

Ignite inner visions and access alternate realities with the mystic energy of our Labradorite. Please note, while our image displays its iridescence, each stone is a unique optical phenomenon. We hand-select each piece to find crystals genuinely aligned with otherworldly insight.

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