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Crystals Rock

The re coral

The re coral

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Awaken Passion and Creativity with our Red Coral. 🌹 Attuning to the Sacral Chakra, these vivid wonders harness the energizing vibe of coral. Admire their lively red hues and organic shapes. Our coral comes in three sizes:

Small: Dynamic chips, 0.01kg to 0.1kg, providing concentrated waves of inspiration, confidence and charisma.

Standard: Empowering branches, 0.1kg to 0.2kg, emanating an aura of creativity, sexuality and fearlessness.

Big: Breathtaking coral structures, 0.2kg to 0.35kg, infusing spaces with bursts of self-expression, romance and bold energy.

Ignite your inner flame with the revitalizing energy of our Red Coral. Please note, no two pieces are ever alike. We hand-select each unique specimen to ensure genuinely inspiring, passionate vibes.

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