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The red moss agate

The red moss agate

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Awaken Inner Passion with our Red Moss Agate. 🔥 Attuning to the Sacral Chakra, these fiery stones resonate with red moss agate’s energy of desire and determination. Admire their smoldering red filaments resembling burning embers. Our agate comes in one fiery size:

Standard: These igniting formations contain the essence of burning ambition, courage and eroticism, kindling the flames of purpose, vibrancy and self-realization through red moss agate’s inherent primal power.

Stoke your inner fire with the blazing energy of our Red Moss Agate. Please note, while our image conveys its smolder, each stone is a unique earthen inferno. We hand-select each piece to find crystals genuinely aligned with igniting your most impassioned self.

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