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Crystals Rock

The ruby sphere

The ruby sphere

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Ignite Passion with our Ruby Spheres. ♥️ These radiant red spheres resonate with the fiery energy of ruby. Our spheres come in two vibrant sizes:

Small: Petite spheres, 0.15kg to 0.2kg, emanating waves of enthusiasm, motivation and charisma condensed into an exquisite tiny form.

Standard: Larger glowing orbs, 0.2kg to 0.3kg, amplifying feelings of love, sensuality and revitalization in a grander sphere size.

Light up your life with the invigorating power of our Ruby Spheres. Please note, while our image displays their brilliance, each sphere is a unique natural treasure. We hand-select every piece to find genuine rubies that ignite the spark of life.

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