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Crystals Rock

The Seraphinite

The Seraphinite

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Connect with Divine Love through our Seraphinite. 🕊️ Attuning to the Heart Chakra, these angelic stones resonate with seraphinite's energy of spiritual devotion. Admire their sublime feathery patterns in shimmering sea greens. Our seraphinite comes in three sizes:

Small: Delicate angelic chips, 30g to 50g, providing concentrated waves of divine blessings, forgiveness and spiritual bonding.

Standard: Graceful mineral pebbles, 50g to 70g, emanating an aura of unconditional love, empathy and lightworking.

Big: Breathtaking ascending formations, 70g to 90g, infusing spaces with the embrace of angels, healing and spiritual service.

Open your heart to the heavens with the angelic energy of our Seraphinite. Please note, no two display the exact same patterning. We hand-select each to ensure genuinely soothing, devotional vibes.

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