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Crystals Rock

The white coral sphere

The white coral sphere

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Connect with the Soothing Sea through our White Coral. 🌊 Attuning to the Heart Chakra, these ocean wonders harness the calming energy of coral. Admire their mesmerizing natural shapes and textures. Our coral comes in two sizes:

Small: Intimate marine pieces, 0.01kg to 0.1kg, providing waves of inner peace, emotional healing and spiritual cleansing.

Standard: Breathtaking coral formations, 0.1kg to 0.25kg, emanating an aura of tranquility, stress relief and oceanic Zen.

Immerse in the ebb and flow of wellbeing with the grounding energy of our White Coral. Please note, no two pieces are ever the same. We hand-select each unique coral specimen to ensure genuinely calming, restorative vibes from the sea.

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