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Crystals Rock

Volcano Agate Spheres

Volcano Agate Spheres

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Illuminate your space with our Luminary Volcano Agate Spheres! 🌋🔮 Drawing on the transformative power of volcanoes, these spheres radiate an eruptive energy that fuels creativity and ignites passion, aligning closely with the Sacral Chakra.

Be captivated by their fiery charm, available in a choice of three different sizes, each showcasing the powerful transformation of nature:

Small Size: Compact yet fiery, with weights varying between 0.2kg and 0.35kg.
Medium Size: Balanced between grace and power, weighing between 0.35kg and 0.5kg.
Large Size: A grand statement of nature's might, weighing from 0.7kg to 0.85kg.

What's more? When exposed to UV light, these spheres undergo a stunning transformation, changing color in a unique light show that echoes the drama of a volcanic eruption.

Embrace the dynamic spirit of our Luminary Volcano Agate Spheres! Note: The pictures are for reference. Every sphere is distinct, and we'll select a one-of-a-kind piece for you, reflecting your unique energy and aesthetic!

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