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a Lizard Skull Lantian Jade

a Lizard Skull Lantian Jade

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Uncover Primal Mysteries with our Lizard Skull Lantian Jade! 🦎 Attuning to the Root Chakra, this intricate skull connects us to earthly wisdom. Admire its jade sheen and remarkable lifelike details evoking antiquity. Our Lizard Skull comes in one contemplative size:

Standard: This curious skull stands 7cm tall, a fossil-like figure inviting self-reflection and harnessing ancient energies.

Awaken your most primal self with our distinct Lizard Skull Lantian Jade! Please note, while our image conveys its realistic design, each jade skull is a unique hand-carved artwork. We thoughtfully choose each one, promising a genuinely personal crystal that calls to your inner nature.

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