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Amethyst cluster

Amethyst cluster

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Invite Peace and Insight with our Amethyst Clusters. 💜 Attuning to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, these regal clusters resonate with amethyst's energy of calm and intuition. Admire their majestic purple hues. Our clusters come in three sizes, each a gateway to wisdom:

Small: Mystical mini-clusters, weighing 0.04kg to 0.1kg, that provide a concentrated dose of serenity and spiritual guidance.

Medium: Lavender crystal formations, from 0.1kg to 0.2kg, that emanate soothing, meditative vibes and psychic awareness.

Large: Grand crystalline structures, from 0.2kg to 0.4kg, that infuse spaces with tranquility and connect you to higher realms of consciousness.

Open your mind to insight and inspiration with the transcendent energy of our Amethyst Clusters. Please note, no two are ever exactly alike in size or shape. We hand-select each one to ensure genuinely calming, intuitive energy.

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