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Amethyst Towers

Amethyst Towers

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Navigate the cosmic seas with our Amethyst Star Towers. Each of these mesmerizing towers, carved from calming amethyst, stands as a lighthouse of high-frequency vibrations in your spiritual journey.

Choose your personal beacon from our range:

Small: Weighing approximately between 0.18kg to 0.25kg.
Standard: Ranging from around 0.25kg to 0.35kg.

Remember, these are nature's creations - each tower is unique, with weights and shapes varying from piece to piece. And the best part? If you have specific height requirements for your tower-like crystal, simply send us a private message. We offer exclusive customization and will provide a personalized quotation. With our Amethyst Star Towers, your journey towards inner peace and spiritual enlightenment is as unique as you are.

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