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An Alligator Lantian Jade

An Alligator Lantian Jade

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Harness Primal Instincts with our Alligator Lantian Jade! 🐊 Attuning to the Root Chakra, this powerful alligator connects us to earthly strength and survival. Study its jade sheen and striking lifelike details. Our Alligator comes in one formidable size:

Standard: This commanding alligator stretches 10cm long, a prehistoric figure channeling raw energy and primal power.

Awaken your inner warrior with our distinct Alligator Lantian Jade! Please note, while our image conveys the alligator's realism, each figurine is a unique hand-carved work of art. We carefully select each one, promising a genuinely personal crystal ally rooted in earthly instincts.

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