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Artificial Amber Products

Artificial Amber Products

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Bask in the Sunlit Glow of our Artificial Amber Products! ☀️ Resonating with the Sacral Chakra, these radiant products encapsulate the vitality and creativity of Amber.

Marvel at their sunset hues, reminiscent of a warm summer day. Our products come in two sizes, each illuminating your inner light:

Small: Petite suns, with diameters of 8cm, offering concentrated rays of joy and inspiration.

Standard: Glowing globes, spanning 10cm wide, beaming with revitalizing energy and self-expression.

Ignite your passion with the vibrant ambience of our distinct Artificial Amber Products! Please note, while our images strive to portray their luminous elegance, each Amber Product is a unique orb filled with life. No two are exactly the same in color or size. We hand-select each product, promising a truly personal crystal shining just for you!

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