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Crystals Rock



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Marvel at the Iridescent Brilliance of our Bismuth Specimens! 🌈 Attuning to the Crown Chakra, these stunning specimens resonate with bismuth's energy of intuition and imagination. Admire their rainbow hues and geometric natural designs. Our specimens come in three sizes, each a prismatic wonder:

Small: Vibrant shards, weighing 0.025kg to 0.04kg, offering concentrated waves of creativity and mystic insight.

Medium: Dazzling formations, from 0.04kg to 0.07kg, inspiring inner visions and lucid perspectives.

Large: Spectacular clusters, from 0.07kg to 0.17kg, unlocking portals to your highest spiritual realm.

Spark new ideas with the mystic brilliance of our distinct Bismuth Specimens! Please note, while our images strive to convey their magic, each specimen is a one-of-a-kind kaleidoscopic creation. No two are alike in structure or weight. We hand-select each one, promising a truly cosmic crystal to illuminate your imagination.

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