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Crystals Rock

Black flower agate

Black flower agate

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Bloom in Dark Beauty with our Black Flower Agate. 🌸 Attuning to the Root Chakra, these mysterious stones resonate with black flower agate's grounding yet mystical energy. Admire the black floral patterns. Our agate comes in two sizes:

Small: Intricate petaled chips, 0.02kg to 0.07kg, providing concentrated waves of centering earth energy and protective vibrations.

Standard: Striking tumbled pebbles, 0.07kg to 0.12kg, emanating an aura of shadowy allure, while anchoring one in spiritual darkness to find inner light.

Go within the void and manifest strength with the primal energy of our Black Flower Agate. Please note, no two stones have the exact same floral patterning. We hand-select each one to ensure genuinely grounding, mystical vibes.

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