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Crystals Rock

Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate

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Awaken Inner Peace with our Blue Lace Agate. ☯️ Attuning to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, these graceful stones resonate with blue lace agate's tranquil, soothing energy. Admire their delicate blue and white banding. Our agate comes in three sizes:

Small: Tiny tranquil chips, around 0.01kg, providing concentrated waves of gentle calm and clarity.

Medium: Soothing pebbles, approximately 0.02kg, emanating peaceful vibes to relieve anxiety and open communication.

Large: Graceful tumbled stones, about 0.03kg, infusing spaces with an aura of tranquility, insight and emotional healing.

Find your center with the soothing energy of our Blue Lace Agate. Please note, no two stones have exactly the same patterning or shape. We hand-select each one to ensure genuinely peaceful, intuitive vibes.

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