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Blue Tiger's Eye Spheres

Blue Tiger's Eye Spheres

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Experience enhanced clarity and calm with our Sapphire Gaze Blue Tiger's Eye Spheres! 🐅 Deeply connected to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, these spheres radiate wisdom and tranquility, helping to enhance focus and intuition.

Our Blue Tiger's Eye Spheres come in three distinct sizes:
Small Size: Compact gems of wisdom, weighing between 0.1kg and 0.2kg.
Medium Size: A perfect blend of form and spiritual energy, with weights ranging from 0.2kg to 0.3kg.
Large Size: Powerful spheres of insight, weighing between 0.3kg and 0.4kg.

Dive into a sea of calm and clarity with our Sapphire Gaze Blue Tiger's Eye Spheres! Please remember: Images are for reference only. Each sphere is unique, and we'll choose a special piece just for you, reflecting your unique energy and aesthetic!

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