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Crystal Clarity Transparent Holders

Crystal Clarity Transparent Holders

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Present your cherished crystals with our Crystal Clarity Transparent Holders! These holders, designed with clear, sturdy material, will amplify your crystal display, resonating with vibes of simplicity, elegance, and transparency.

Marvel at their unobtrusive charm, available in three different sizes, each allowing your crystals to take center stage:

Small Size: Compact yet sturdy, with a height of 1cm and a side length of 2.4cm, this holder offers a delicate stage for your precious gems.
Medium Size: Offering a bit more height at 3cm and a side length of 1.5cm, this holder stands as a clear pedestal for your beloved crystals.
Large Size: Standing tall at a height of 3.5cm and a side length of 1.9cm, this holder serves as a grand platform for your most prized crystals.

Discover the minimalist beauty of our Crystal Clarity Transparent Holders! Please note, while our photos aim to capture their clear elegance accurately, each holder may slightly differ. We assure a hand-selected holder, promising a truly personal accessory chosen with your unique aesthetic in mind!

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