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Dyed Chicken Blood Spheres

Dyed Chicken Blood Spheres

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Ignite your environment with the fiery charm of our Crimson Cascade Dyed Chicken Blood Spheres! These spheres, with their radiant red appearance resulting from artificial staining, represent vitality and passion.

Relish their intense crimson hue, resembling drops of molten lava. These spheres come in three sizes, each pulsating with vibrant energy:

Small: Petite powerhouses, weighing between 0.15kg and 0.25kg, embodying the spirit of vivacity.
Medium: Harmonious blend of size and zeal, with spheres from 0.25kg to 0.4kg, radiating with fiery passion and vitality.
Large: Majestic orbs of enthusiasm, from 0.4kg to 0.5kg, standing tall as grand beacons of intense energy and determination.

Immerse yourself in the passionate energy of our distinct Crimson Cascade Dyed Chicken Blood Spheres! Please keep in mind, while our photos aim to capture their vibrant beauty accurately, each Dyed Chicken Blood Sphere is a unique creation. No two are identical in appearance or weight. We hand-select each sphere, promising a truly personal crystal chosen just for you!

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