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Flower Agate Towers

Flower Agate Towers

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Introducing our stunning Flower Agate Towers, a perfect blend of delicate beauty and potent healing energy. Known for its soft, floral plume inclusions, Flower Agate resembles a field of blossoms captured within stone, making each tower a unique piece of natural art.

The Flower Agate Towers come in four distinct sizes:

Small: Weighing between 0.05kg to 0.1kg, these petite towers encapsulate the enchanting appeal of Flower Agate in a compact form, suitable for personal meditation or as a thoughtful gift.

Medium: With a weight ranging from 0.1kg to 0.15kg, these towers serve as ideal decorative pieces that bring a sense of tranquility to any space they occupy.

Large: Weighing between 0.15kg to 0.2kg, these substantial towers amplify the Flower Agate's calming energy, providing a serene focal point in your home or workspace.

Extra Large: Our largest towers, weighing between 0.2kg to 0.25kg, make for impressive displays of natural beauty, spreading their peaceful energy throughout any room.

Flower Agate, with its gentle energy, is said to aid in manifesting & nurturing your dreams. Its feminine, tranquil energy is used to aid in stress relief and cultivate a harmonious atmosphere. It's perfect for those looking to enhance their personal growth and is a favorite among crystal collectors and beginners alike.

Every Flower Agate Tower is a unique piece of Earth's beauty, promising to bring its blossoming serenity to your life.
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