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Crystals Rock

Fluorite Spheres (green)

Fluorite Spheres (green)

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Invite tranquility and growth into your life with our Emerald Dream Fluorite Spheres!  Closely associated with the Heart and Third Eye Chakras, these spheres promote harmony, growth, and intuitive abilities.

Available in three distinct sizes to complement your space:
Small Size: Small but mighty, these spheres weigh between 0.15kg and 0.25kg.
Medium Size: Balancing physical presence and spiritual energy, these spheres weigh from 0.25kg to 0.4kg.
Large Size: Powerful centers of tranquility, with weights varying between 0.4kg and 0.55kg.

Experience your personal growth with our Emerald Dream Fluorite Spheres! Remember: The images are for reference only. Each sphere is unique, and we'll hand-select a special piece just for you, tailored to your energy and aesthetic!"

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