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Grape Agate Spheres

Grape Agate Spheres

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Dive into a sea of tranquility with our Violet Vineyard Grape Agate Spheres! 🍇 Resonating with the Crown Chakra, these spheres encapsulate the calming and nurturing properties of Grape Agate.

Savor their luscious purple clusters, reminiscent of a ripe vineyard harvest. These spheres come in four sizes, each offering its own serene journey:

Small: Minute marvels, weighing 0.05kg to 0.15kg, providing concentrated waves of peace and intuition.
Medium: Small spheres of tranquility, weighing between 0.15kg and 0.25kg, embodying Grape Agate's nurturing energy.
Large: Harmonious blend of weight and calm, with spheres from 0.25kg to 0.4kg, radiating with spiritual growth and understanding.
Extra Large: Majestic orbs of serenity, from 0.4kg to 0.6kg, standing as grand beacons of wisdom and inner peace.

Step into the serene circle of our distinct Violet Vineyard Grape Agate Spheres! Please bear in mind, while our pictures strive to capture their vibrant beauty, each Grape Agate Sphere is a unique expression of nature. No two are alike in appearance or weight. We carefully choose each sphere, promising a truly personal crystal chosen just for you!

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