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Green Sandstone Spheres

Green Sandstone Spheres

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Unearth the verdant allure of our Emerald Galaxy Green Sandstone Spheres! These spheres, speckled with the glistening green of sandstone, resonate with the vibes of energy, growth, and renewal.

Relish their captivating green hues, sparkling like a verdant galaxy of growth and vitality. Each sphere seems to embody a lush universe, encouraging you to explore the realms of rejuvenation and creativity. These spheres come in three sizes:

Small: Verdant orbs, weighing between 0.05kg and 0.15kg, serving as concentrated sources of vitality and regeneration.
Medium: Balanced globes of growth, with weights from 0.15kg to 0.25kg, glowing with resilience and creativity.
Large: Majestic spheres of renewal, from 0.25kg to 0.35kg, standing tall as grand beacons of growth and inspiration.

Step into the lush realm of our distinct Emerald Galaxy Green Sandstone Spheres! Please note, while our photos aim to capture their verdant beauty accurately, each Green Sandstone Sphere is a unique piece of the universe's artistry. No two are identical in appearance or weight. We hand-select each sphere, promising a truly personal crystal chosen with your unique energy in mind!"

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