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Heart-Shaped Amethyst Cluster

Heart-Shaped Amethyst Cluster

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Unearth the symbol of love and tranquility with our Love Unearthed: Heart-Shaped Amethyst Cluster Collection. These heart-shaped Amethyst clusters are a distinctive representation of love infused with the soothing energies of Amethyst.

Our offering spans various sizes:

Small: Charming heart-shaped clusters, weighing between 0.02kg to 0.05kg, perfect for a thoughtful token of love.
Medium: Intricate pieces that command attention, with weights ranging from 0.05kg to 0.1kg.
Large: Impressive clusters, weighing between 0.2kg to 0.3kg, making a statement of enduring affection.

No two heart clusters are the same. Images are for reference only, and we'll handpick a unique piece just for you. Embrace the energy of love and serenity in your space with these heart-shaped Amethyst clusters.
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