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Malachite Spheres

Malachite Spheres

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Step into the vibrant energy field of our Verdant Vortex Malachite Spheres! 🌿 Embodying the Heart and Thro

at Chakras, these spheres represent Malachite's power of transformation and insight.
Savor their spiraling bands of rich greens, creating mesmerizing patterns akin to the Earth's lush tapestry. These spheres come in three sizes, each offering its own verdant journey:

Small: Petite orbs, weighing 0.1kg to 0.18kg, carrying a concentrated force of growth and change.
Medium: Balanced interplay of vibrancy and weight, with spheres from 0.18kg to 0.25kg, embodying the harmony of nature.
Large: Grand emanations of the Earth's vitality, from 0.25kg to 0.35kg, radiating with the profound wisdom of the planet.

Step into the circle of transformation and engage with the dynamic spirit of our distinct Verdant Vortex Malachite Spheres! Please bear in mind, while our pictures strive to showcase their beauty, each Malachite Sphere is a unique treasure of nature. No two are alike in appearance or weight. We carefully choose each sphere, guaranteeing a truly individual crystal chosen just for you!

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