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Crystals Rock

Mystic Crystal Skulls

Mystic Crystal Skulls

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Welcome to the mesmerizing world of our Mystic Crystal Skulls. Carved by hand, every skull tells a unique story, its shape and crystal type a testament to nature's diversity. No two skulls are identical, each one a unique connection to ancient wisdom.

Our skulls come in a range of sizes for every preference, though remember, nature loves variety - the sizes are approximate and each piece will have its own unique dimensions:

Small size: Roughly 0.05kg, 2.5cm.
Medium size: Roughly 0.1kg, 3cm.
Large size: Roughly 0.25kg, 5cm.

Have a crystal that calls to you? Just drop us a PM or note it in your order, and we'll craft your personal piece of mystery. If you have no specific preference, leave it to us - we'll choose a wonderful surprise for you. Immerse yourself in the mystical charm of our Mystic Crystal Skulls - where art, nature, and your spirit meet in a dance of wonder.

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