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Crystals Rock

Ocean Jasper Spheres

Ocean Jasper Spheres

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Dive into tranquility with our Tidal Serenity Ocean Jasper Spheres!  These spheres embody the soothing vibrations of Ocean Jasper, encouraging relaxation and contentment, harmoniously resonating with the Heart Chakra.

Explore their serene allure, available in two unique sizes, each reflecting the peaceful ebb and flow of the sea:

Small Size: Compact yet full of serene energy, with weights between 0.3kg and 0.5kg.
Standard Size: A balanced blend of grace and calmness, weighing from 0.5kg to 0.7kg.

Immerse yourself in serenity with our Tidal Serenity Ocean Jasper Spheres! Please note: The images provided are for reference. Each sphere is unique, and we'll carefully select an exclusive piece for you, reflecting your unique energy and aesthetic!

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