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Crystals Rock

Pyrite Spheres

Pyrite Spheres

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Embrace abundance with our Gleaming Fortune Pyrite Spheres!  These spheres embody the power of Pyrite, known for enhancing financial prosperity and inviting good fortune, while resonating with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Revel in their sparkling allure, offered in two unique sizes, each echoing the rich lustre of gold:

Small Size: Compact yet luminous, weighing between 0.1kg and 0.3kg.
Standard Size: Perfect equilibrium of size and shimmer, with weights from 0.3kg to 0.4kg.

Attract abundance with our Gleaming Fortune Pyrite Spheres! Please note: The images are for reference. Each sphere is unique, and we'll carefully select a distinctive piece for you, reflecting your unique energy and aesthetic!

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