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Red hematitie/pyrite/quartz/calcite

Red hematitie/pyrite/quartz/calcite

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Harness Fierce Energy with our Hematite/Quartz/Pyrite Cluster. ⚡️ Attuning to the Root Chakra, this bold cluster resonates with the grounding, protective vibes of hematite, quartz and pyrite. Admire its earthy reds and brilliant crystals. Our cluster comes in one empowering size:

Standard: This commanding cluster weighs about 0.8kg, an ancient stone ally emanating warrior spirit, inner strength and manifestation power.

Awaken your inner steel with the primal energy of our Hematite/Quartz/Pyrite Cluster. Please note, while our image conveys its magic, this is a truly one-of-a-kind formation. We hand-select each cluster, promising a genuinely grounding crystal to fortify your resolve.

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