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Crystals Rock

Sardonyx Spheres

Sardonyx Spheres

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Experience the harmonious balance with our Courageous Harmony Sardonyx Spheres! 🌍 Sardonyx, a stone of strength and protection, is deeply connected to the Root Chakra, promoting stability and courage.

Enjoy their captivating presence, available in three diverse sizes:

Small Size: Petite yet potent, with weights ranging from 0.05kg to 0.1kg.
Medium Size: A harmonious blend of size and spiritual energy, weighing from 0.1kg to 0.2kg.
Large Size: Powerful and striking, with weights varying between 0.2kg and 0.3kg.

Encourage balance and bravery with our Courageous Harmony Sardonyx Spheres! Please note: The images are for reference only. Each sphere is unique, and we'll handpick a distinctive piece for you, matching your unique energy and aesthetic!

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