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Crystals Rock

Volcano Agate Towers

Volcano Agate Towers

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Elevate your space with our Eruptive Radiance Volcano Agate Towers! 🌋 Harnessing the transformative energy of volcanoes, these towers emanate a vibrant power that sparks creativity and stokes passion, strongly resonating with the Sacral Chakra.

Marvel at their volcanic allure, offered in three distinct sizes, each embodying nature's powerful transformation:

Small Size: Compact yet potent, with weights ranging between 0.1kg and 0.25kg.
Medium Size: A harmonious blend of elegance and power, weighing between 0.35kg and 0.5kg.
Large Size: A monumental testament to nature's might, with weights from 0.65kg to 0.7kg.

But that's not all. When bathed in UV light, these towers showcase a stunning color transformation, echoing the dramatic spectacle of a volcanic eruption.

Ignite your space with our Eruptive Radiance Volcano Agate Towers! Please note: The images provided are for reference. Each tower is unique, and we'll handpick a singular piece for you, encapsulating your distinct energy and aesthetic!

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